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Shaping Businesses, Transforming Lives

Our professional Investment Advisors help you devise your personal investment strategy tailored to your individual needs and goals. Only by placing you at the core of everything we do can we truly meet your needs. And we do this by learning about you and your family and providing fully objective advice, deep experience and strong fundamentals in fee-only custom financial planning and investment management. From its founding, Equity West Securities has been a pioneer in fee-only services that replace commissions with putting the client’s best interest first.
What we offer

Empowering Entrepreneurs, Enriching Ecosystems

IPO Investing

IPO Investing: Unveiling the Potential of Early Market Entrances

Bond Investing

Bond Investing: Unveiling the Benefits of Stability and Income Generation

Term Deposit Investing

Term Deposit Investing: A Journey of Stability and Predictable Returns

Funds Investing

Funds Investing: Unlocking Diversification and Professional Management

Financial Market Intelligence

Navigating the Financial Seas: The Art of Financial Market Management

Investment Management

Our Investment strategies involve our unique proprietary and third-party saving vehicles.

Growing Your Fortune While You Grow Your Dreams.

Let us help you with a managed wealth building solution.

Unlocking Investment Opportunities Together

Equity West Securities mission is to optimise the financial strength of our clients.
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We’re always strategic and we think outside the lines to bring our clients fresh ideas.

Our Focus

Equity West Securities manages your finances so they don’t manage you. And that equates to complete peace of mind.

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We’re an independent, fee-only firm that provides investment advice – always in our clients’ best interests.

Result Based

We focus on your specific needs and represent only the best returns on offer to maximise your wealth building.​